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Beach tennis is the fastest growing sport on the island – Want to jump on the wagon?

An important purpose of Stichting Sport Promotie Bonaire (Foundation for Sport Promotion on Bonaire), the foundation under which BTB carries out its activities, is to keep beach tennis accessible for each inhabitant and visitor of Bonaire. Preferably by keeping it free/gratis/por nada!

To reach this goal, while simultaneously nurturing its growth, the foundation is completely dependent on fundraising, sponsoring and small contributions by tournament participants. These funds are devoted solely to reach the foundation’s goal. Funds are used, for example, to purchase rackets and tennis balls that can be borrowed (for free) at Yhanni’s Arepa, but also for the procurement and maintenance of nets, lines, lights, fences, sun shades, a terrace and, not to forget, sand!

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Not to mention your own marketing and communication opportunities by making a contribution!


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Participants each tournament


A large group of ‘regular’ fanatics that play multiple times per week


2.1K+ (international) followers on Facebook and Instagram

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