INFO Introducing our new top-ranked Player: Tim Eikholt, taking the number one spot.

The Hangout Beach Bar

The Hang Out Beachbar has grown into a thriving and popular place to be. With a well-stocked bar, a brand new open kitchen, offering all kinds of sandwiches, salads and chef’s specials, comfortable beach beds and lounges and the everlasting Service-with-a-smile, this is where you live according to the true Caribbean relaxed lifestyle. Enjoy the great food, drinks and atmosphere, go surfing or relax at the beach. And don’t forget to check our event schedule!.


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An important purpose of Stichting Sport Promotie Bonaire (Foundation for Sport Promotion on Bonaire), the foundation under which BTB carries out its activities, is to keep beach tennis accessible for each inhabitant and visitor of Bonaire. Preferably by keeping it free/gratis/por nada!