BTB Ranking explained

The BTB Ranking has been in place since 2017. Points can be earned on so-called ranking tournaments/competitions organized by BTB. These tournaments/competitions are published on this website.

  • The ITF Beach Tennis regulations are in place during all tournaments/competitions.
  • Points can be earned at ranking tournaments/competitions organized by BTB.
  • Per calendar year, a maximum of 4 tournaments/competitions per category (doubles / mix / single) of the class ranking take place.
  • The total ranking points are based on a player’s results from the period of the past 52 weeks. Points expire after one year.
  • The ranking is a result of the achieved points in the double, mix and singles.
  • No points are awarded to teams that have registered but are not playing.
  • The new ranking will be published on the website within 2 weeks after the last tournament/competition.
  • Reaching a decision-making round doesn’t give any extra point.
  • If a team gets a bye/walkover and loses the next match, the team only gets points for the round prior to the elimination. For example: a team gets a bye for the quarterfinals and loses the semi-finals. The team is awarded points for the quarter finals.
  • The organization reserves the right to deviate from the tournament/competition set-up and associated points awarded as described in this document.


Everyone who participates in a ranking tournament gets 1 point. Extra points are awarded to the teams that reach the elimination round. For the complete point allocation, see the table below.

Ranking tournaments are divided into 4 levels: fun, intermediate, advanced and open. When less than 3 levels are played at a ranking tournament, points are awarded based on the higher level.

For example: during a ranking tournament there are not enough registrations for the intermediate level. The fun category has thus automatically become the second level, which means that the point are awarded according to the second level, in this case intermediate.

Points awarded

The tables below show the number of points awarded per category (doubles/mix/single), playing level (open/advanced/intermediate/fun) during the ranking tournaments


BTB Ranking Open Advanced Intermediate Fun
Winner 135 37 11 3
Runner-Up 85 25 8 2
Semi-Finalist 55 16 5 1
Quater Finalist 37 11 3 1



BTB Ranking Open Advanced Intermediate Fun
Winner 45 18 6 3
Runner-Up 32 12 3 2
Semi-Finalist 22 9 2 1
Quater Finalist 18 6 1 1



BTB Ranking Open Advanced Intermediate Fun
Winner 65 24 8 3
Runner-Up 45 16 5 2
Semi-Finalist 32 12 3 1
Quater Finalist 24 8 2 1