About us

Stichting Sport Promotie Bonaire (SSPB; Foundation for Sport Promotion on Bonaire) is the driving force behind Beach Tennis Bonaire (BTB). As a result of BTB’s initiatives, every inhabitant and visitor of Bonaire can play this spectacular sport on a daily basis, and for free! Through this, BTB strives to stimulate well-being and social cohesiveness on Bonaire and contribute to the promotion of Bonaire as a “sports holiday destination”.


BTB facilitates three permanent courts for beach tennis players. The courts are maintained by BTB, which are regularly outfitted with new lines and sand. BTB is constantly optimizing its accommodations, such as its shaded areas, enclosure and lights. To make the sport accessible to everyone, free rackets and balls are available at BTB when opened.


BTB organizes monthly tournaments, competitions, trainings and other beach tennis related activities. For participation in events players are required to pay a small contribution.


BTB started an official ranking in 2017 to keep players motivated. All participants in ranking tournaments will automatically place on BTB’s ranking list. To view player rankings click here.

Recognized training company

On July 9, 2020, ROA recognized the foundation as an official training company. This means that MBO students from ‘Sport & Bewegen’ level 2, 3 and 4 can now do an internship at BTB. Are you interested in an internship at BTB? Feel free to contact us at info@beachtennisbonaire.com