League 2018

More information about the league and rules see below.




General information

  • Participation in the league costs 15$ per person and is to be payed on your first competition evening.
  • On Wednesday nights the courts are reserved for the league

How does it work?

  • Leagues consist of 6 teams that are sorted based on ranking. With less than 6 teams in a league the officials will draw up an alternative schedule after deliberating with the teams.
  • Each league is spread over 10 weeks
  • Each team plays one match against the other teams in their league
  • On a competition evening a team plays one match
  • A match consists of two won sets (best-of-three). With a score of 1-1 a third set should be played

Competition nights

  • The league officials schedule the matches based on start times (18:00 / 19:00 / 20:00 / 21:00)
  • The start times are target times; the next match starts directly after the previous match, which means this could be earlier or later.

Unable to play?

  • Each team does their best to be present on the scheduled competition nights
  • If a team is still indisposed, a match can be rescheduled on a women’s/men’s competition night the week before or after the original scheduled match. For example, if a women’s team is unable to play a match, this match can be rescheduled during a men’s competition night the week before or after. Rescheduling must always be communicated with league officials.
  • In case of an injury or lengthy absence, one player may be replaced for one or more matches. The replacement cannot already be competing in the same league or a league at a higher level.
  • If the indisposed team is unsuccessful in rescheduling a match, this team loses the match with 6-3, 6-3.

Scoring system

The score in the league is determined by:

  • Number of matches won
  • Number of sets won, minus number of sets lost
  • Number of games won, minus number of games lost
  • Inter-league results


The following table contains the league’s schedule. League officials are Willeke Dolman and Paul Berezinski. You can contact both of them through league@beachtennisbonaire.com

Competition day Date
1 Oct 3
2 Oct 10
3 Oct 17
4 Oct 24
5 Oct 31
6 Nov 7
7 Nov 21
8 Nov 28
9 Dec 5
10 Dec 12