During one of our training courses you’ll see yourself grow as a beach tennis player! Our trainers focus on improving your technique, tactic and physical condition. You’ll get enough personal attention to focus on your preferred areas of growth. We offer courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced players. 

General information

Start: week 40 (October 4 – October 10)
End: week 47 (November 22 – November 28)
Training dates & times: Monday or Tuesday 7PM – 8PM & 8PM – 9PM 
Break: no breaks within the series
Costs for 8 training nights: $70 (with a racket $120)


BTB will compose the groups based on your experience and the number of registrations. By participating you agree with the conditions as described in the disclaimer of liability and risk acceptance.

Registration for this series is closed. Keep an eye on our website and Facebook for the start of the new series.