Beach Tennis

Beach Tennis combines the fun, social nature of volleyball and the fast past of tennis. It combines the fun of a sporting activity with sun, sea and sand.

It is much easier to learn than Tennis; beginners can get a rally going within minutes of stepping onto the court for the first time. Anyone who has ever played Platform Tennis or Badminton can start playing immediately. Beach Tennis can be played both competitively or recreationally and because it’s so simple to play, it appeals to athletes and non-athletes of all ages.

It’s like Tennis except it’s played on a regulation Beach Volleyball court. The court is a standard beach volleyball court that is 8 metres wide and 16 metres long. The net is set at 1.7m.

Usually doubles is played although singles can be played on a slightly smaller court, 16 metres by 4.5 metres.

Scoring is similar to tennis although the server has only one underarm or over arm serve played from behind the back line.Either player on the opposing side may return the serve. The serve alternates between all four players.

There is no advantage in the scoring so the next point after deuce wins the game but otherwise normal tennis scoring 15-0, 30-0. There are no lets….if the ball hits the net, strap or band and goes over then the ball is in play.

Change of ends is exactly the same as tennis..after 1 game, 3 games, 5 etc .

A team wins the point when the ball hits the ground inside the lines of the opponents’ court or opponents hit the ball out or in the net.

Men must hit underarm serves in mixed doubles

Tie break change of ends is every 4 points.